Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Summer Family Pictures

Trina did an AWESOME job taking our pictures, it's unfortunate they never made it to a Christmas card! And if you notice Talmage looking a little out of it, he was actually pretty sick...but our photographer was leaving the next day and he was total trooper.

It seems kind of immature now, but at the time of these pictures, Craig and I had read a funny article about how extreme some Twilight fans are in pretending they are Bella and Edward, so Craig and I had some fun playing around...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

July 2010

This was a pretty busy brace yourself.

July 4th--We didn't make it out to Oregon this year for our annual Fourth of July trip. Craig's mom had just had a very successful kidney transplant and was still in the hospital in Portland. The transplant went so well, in fact, that the new kidney has been named (Bruce) and is now a family super hero! We had a very blase 4th planned until some good friends invited us to join in on their family/neighborhood festivities. We had a really great time! The neighborhood does an annual children's parade and breakfast. So the kids got to ride on an amazing yellow submarine built by Andrew Smith. I can't believe I didn't get a full picture of it! But here is a picture of the kids riding on it...and Wyatt wanting off. Afterward we swam and enjoyed a great BBQ.

Later that week Talmage started his first of many cookie/lemonade stands on the sidewalk in front. It was amazing to see how motivated he was! He would sit for hours without a single customer! Later, I had many people in the ward who had stopped at his little stand come up and tell me how polite and professional he was. He did pretty good and was able to buy a Lego toy he was really wanting. Once again, I'm kicking myself because I didn't get out there and get a picture of him. I had to laugh a little at the irony of kid stands though. There were many times when people would significantly over pay Talmage and then insist that he keep the change. This was pretty magical for him and he was incredibly grateful. But the irony is the way people are totally opposite with adults when we have a yard sale. They will haggle you down from .25 to .20 just to save a nickel. I'm glad the kids get the better end of it.

Anyway, the month of July was filled with lots 'o' fun, including:

Back yard roasts...though next year I'm talking Craig into letting us do them on the grass.

Hanging out with Daddy on the couch,
Fighting over who gets to hold Ava...still a daily occurrence. She is blessed to be so loved!I ventured out with all five by myself quite a bit this summer and we enjoyed many adventures together. One of which we spent an entire day in downtown Salt Lake City. We visited the Church History Museum-which was amazing, highly recommend it if you haven't already. When we finally made it up to the children section I discovered that Ava had had a HUGE blow out. (these were a CONSTANT occurrence until we switched to cloth diapers--just her shape I guess) It was so bad that it dripped though the car seat (where the straps attach) and onto the stroller seat below. The sweet sisters serving in the children's section kindly entertained my other children while I headed to the ladies room to give her a bath in the sink. Luckily I had listened to a prompting to bring an extra outfit, something I had stopped doing with my other children because I never needed it. Here's a shot of the girls in the nativity dress-ups.
Then we headed off in search of somewhere to have a picnic. It turned out to be quite a hike! It was a very hot, sunny, morning (perfect) and you can see how red in the face the kids were. This was the first of many outdoor meals we coined 'tooth-pic-nics'. This is where everything we pack for our picnic can be eaten with a toothpick or fingers. So refreshing and easy on clean-up!

Afterward we headed back to temple square and made it to the Joseph Smith Memorial building just as it began to rain. So we went up and enjoyed the view from the top. Wyatt had a tendency to run off and explore as soon as I stepped back far enough to take the shot, and I confess after a while I gave up and just took pictures of the older three...Our Garden--we didn't do as much with it this year. But we did enjoy a good crop of tomatoes, zucchini, basil, cucumbers, cantaloupe and pumpkins. We would frequently find renegade cucumbers growing unrestrained beneath the leaves, here is one such cucumber. I set off committed to eat the whole thing, but only made it half way.We discovered Ava's smile! Getting pictures of it was quite a challenge! As soon as she'd see the camera she was totally intent on studying it and wasn't interested in smiling for it.
One of July's highlights was Trina & family coming out for a visit! I think we probably ran her ragged, but she is always such a joy to have around! Jaci and Laree were off at EFY and soccer camp for the majority of the time, but the kids had a blast with Olivia and Jesse.

Ava was such a trooper though it all...
And, here's my very favorite person in the whole world, EVER...he makes all our adventures possible, yet, sadly, rarely gets to join in on them....but still manages to smile! And check out the glasses. When he first got these $9 Wal-mart glasses I couldn't help giggling every time I saw him...we fondly called them his 'nerd' specks. But then I came to love them because when he's sporting his nerd specks I know he's done for the day and ready to relax. I even went out and got a pair for myself, but as I am usually too tightly wound to ever relax, I rarely wear them. Someday...we'll be nerdy, relaxed and go on all our adventures together...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

June 2010

All year I have been promising myself that I would update this blog. Now that we are six weeks into it, I figure I'd better get going! So, we'll see how far I actually get...

Last summer was probably one of the best summers ever, we had a sweet little new one and because of that we took everything really easy. We didn't sign up for any sports, swimming or go anywhere very far. The only stressful thing was when 1-2 times a week someone would call to see our house (yes, it is still on the market) and I would have to turbo clean the whole thing in 2 hrs, pack the kids up and go 'somewhere' (usually across the street) and wait for them to come and go. Sometimes they didn't come at all and that was frustrating. But mostly the summer was very relaxed, low-key and perfect.
So, here's June:

On the 6th Ava was blessed. We felt so blessed to have so much family join us, especially the Gregson's who arrived just in time from driving all night, luckily her blessing was the weekend before Ty went into the MTC.

We spent a day at the zoo before our membership expired with the Hamelins...and we even ran into Captain Jack Sparrow right outside the giraffe habitat.
The girls planted some Sir William seeds late last summer and while I was sure we were planting them to late, we did it anyway hoping they would bloom. Well, they grew and by the time it snowed they were just looked like tall grass and I thought for sure they would die and we'd try again in the spring. But instead those tough little plants lasted the entire winter and as soon as the warm spring weather hit they picked up where they left off and turned out to be the prettiest flowers we have ever grown! The girls and I couldn't ooh and aah over them enough! There is something almost magical in the beauty of flowers. It actually made me sad when they would pick them, but Abi really couldn't seem help herself. I had told them in the beginning when we planted them that these were their flowers to do what they wanted with. They bloomed all summer long and in the fall the girls were playing with some of the dead blooms and figured out how to gather the seeds.
Our cherry tree gave us all of three cherries. We cut them up and shared them, reminiscent of the Cratchit family's Christmas dinner in the Mickey's Christmas Carol movie. They were very tasty. Hopefully this year we will get more.

This is Sadie in her Ballet recital. She is a toy fairy waiting in the background for when the bigger girls come and 'wind' her for her part. She did so good and memorized her dance routine so fast!

Wyatt discovered the stool and is now a permanent fixture when ever I cook. And pretty much always half naked too.
Ava slept and grew and was held and adored...